Exploring The Waterfalls

One day trip to Kadiyanlena, Devon, St. Clair’s and Aberdeen water falls

Kadiyanlena water falls
Height: 8 meters
Distance from resort: 6 Kms

Clean and untouched Kadiyanlena/Kataboola falls is truly an amazing place to visit. It is quite famous among local waterfall hunters and a must see place if you are a nature lover. Kadiyanlena is located in Nawalapitiya, precisely in Kadiyanlena village. It has five stages and each falling step creates clean natural pools. According to locals, the first pool at the bottom is close to 100 feet deep and forbidden to use. Other four pools are relatively safer and less than 10 feet deep. Water is crystal clear, cool and fresh; just the sight of such freshness refreshes your body, especially if you are sick of chlorinated swimming pools. Alcohol consumption is prohibited near the falls, so the environment remains very clean and peaceful.

The water of the 8m-high Kadiyanlena Ella cascades down in stages. Although the flow is otherwise languid, during rain the fall is transformed into a rushing body of water, the spray reaching the nearby road.Source: www.srilankanwaterfalls.net The full Kataboola cascade consists of 3 levels. The Main Nawalapitiya road crosses this fall on a old arch bridge bisecting the 2nd and 3rd segments. The first and the top most segment falls in the single stream. The generally accepted height of 8 meters of Kataboola fall is probably the height of the 1st segmemt. From the pool below the 1st segment, the water falls to the second pool over a wide rock creating the second part. This creates a wide segment of about 6-7 meters. Then the water flows under the arch bridge and the creates the final segment of the fall underneath the bridge.the complete waterfall with all three segment probably 25 meters in height.

Devon falls
Height: 97 meters
Distance from resort: 30 Kms

Also famously known as Sri Lanka's 'veil of the vale'. This cascading waterfall constitutes of 3 falls and is approximately 318 ft high. Named after a coffee planter named Devon. It is easily spotted along the Talawakele – Navalapitiya Road. It is a glorious waterfall. Despite its gigantic appearance the waterfall is itself very graceful and serene that it can relax any mind from turmoil. The Waterfall is 97 meters high and ranked 19th highest in the island.

St Clair’s falls
Height: 80 meters
Distance from resort: 35 Kms

Among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka, St Clair’s Falls are unusual as they comprise a double cascade from different water sources. The biggest waterfall among the two, the Maha Ella which is 80m high, is situated on the Kotmale Oya. This waterfall run over bra rock ledge, divides into three cascades, and plunges into a pool, producing misty veils. The smaller fall of the two, the Kuda Ella which is 50m high, is situated on a branch of the Kotmale Oya.

Many visitors view these falls from the A7 road because St. Clair’s Falls are situated close to this road, just 3km from Talawakele. If you want to view the bigger waterfall, the Maha Ella, you should take the 500m footpath leading from the A7. The smaller one, the Kuda Ella, is situated close to the road and can be best seen on the bend near the 90km post.

Aberdeen Water Fall
Height: 98 meters
Distance from resort: 22 Kms

The impressive 98m fall makes up a section of the Kehelgamuwa River and joins the Maskeli River at Kalugala before flowing into the ocean via the Kelani River. Unfortunately, the Norton Bridge dam constructed under the Lakshapana Project has decreased the volume of water in the fall, but it continues to cascade except in severe drought conditions. According to folklore, there is a tunnel leading from Aberdeen Falls to the neighbouring Lakshapana Falls – the supposed opening of which can be seen near the Puna River.

Aberdeen fall is located 6km from the Nuwara Eliya District in the Kehelgamuwa mountain range, which encompasses an area made up of Ginigathhena, Norton Bridge, Lakshapana and Maskeliya.

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