Tea Trail

Pluck your own tea

Wouldn’t you love to experience the interesting channel behind the scenes that transform a lush leafy bud into an enlivening crimson beverage?our conveniently designed tea factory tour will enlighten you all about it, that is sure to fascinate you.

You will be guided through the whole chain of activities from plucking the leafy buds in the sprawling green plantations to sipping self-prepared tea engulfed in a picturesque lounge and taking home a tea pack as a souvenir, all done by yourself. Learn the secrets of nifty plucking having a word with the traditional tea plukers while on the job. Why not take a snap with them, adorned in traditional tea plucker outfit with all the utensils. They will be overwhelmed by your grace.

Get hands on experience

Learn the art of picking the proper leaf buds and filling up your basket.our experienced pluckers will accompany you along the process.the amazing celerity of them on the job will surprise you.

Then join in for the exciting ‘Greenwood Tea Factory Tour’ and acquaint yourself on the entire process of transformation of freshly picked lush tea leaves into an enlivening sip of a magical beverage. You will be imparted of knowledge and hands-on experience on a host of activities and systems of tea manufacturing passing on its multifarious stages from withering, rolling, fermenting, firing, sifting and through the steak, to that crowning moment of tasting a wonderful cup of Greenwood tea.

Special Note! To all our valued Customers,

Please kindly be informed that due to the prevailing situation in the country with regard to
Covid-19 pandemic and the guidelines issued by the Tea Board to battle the spread of the virus,
Factory Visits will only be possible at the discretion of the management please.

General Inquiries

Hotel reservations can be made either online or you may contact us directly, For further details do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your service anytime, any day.

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